Our Vision:

"To become the epicentre for feminism transformation through effective capacity building"

Our Mission:

To develop competent animators, activists, leaders and intellectuals with capacity to generate knowledge and to spark and sustain transformative feminist movement building"

GTI Phillosophy

We are dedicated to advocate for changes in National Policies and Laws to support transformative feminist movement in Tanzania and Africa.

It is necessary that changes in Policies, Laws and Budgets translate into practical improvemts in the lives of Girls and Women in Tanzania. The strategy is to engage actors in the transformative feminist movement.

GTI is the source of capacity building for change agents at the decision-making levels to ensure mainstreaming of gender and gender budgeting as an essential complement in the transformative feminist movement.

GTI plays a bigger role in Transformative Feminist Movement Building (TFMB) by investing in training services, academic courses, consulatncy, research and publications for knowledge sharing.

Contact Us:


Gender Training Institute

P.O.Box 8921

Dar es Salaam


Tel: +255 22 2443205/2443450

Fax: +255 22 2443244

Mobile: +255 754784050/715 784050/786 784050

Email: gti-info@tgnp.org

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